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SIA "IZOTERMS" cookie usage policy

The purpose of this "Izoterms" Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Manager" cookie policy is to provide to the physical

for a person / client - information on the conditions of use of cookies.

Cookies are small text files that a web browser (e.g., Internet, Explorer,

Firexox, Safari, etc.) stored on the user's terminal device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) when the user

visits the website to identify the browser or to store information in the browser

or settings. Thus cookies enable the website to retain the user

individual settings, recognize him or her, and respond appropriately to improve your site experience.

The user can disable or restrict the use of cookies, but without cookies it will not be possible

make the most of all the features of websites.

Depending on the functions to be performed and the purpose for which they are used, the Manager uses mandatory cookies,

functional cookies, analytical cookies, and targeting (advertising) cookies.

Required cookies are required for the user to freely visit and browse the website and

take advantage of the opportunities it offers, including getting information about and purchasing services.

These cookies identify the user's device but do not reveal or collect the user's identity

does not collect information. Without these cookies, the website will not function properly,

to provide the user with the necessary information, to provide the requested services. These cookies are

stored on the user's device until the web browser closes.

Functional cookies remember the settings and choices made by the user to enable the user

more convenient to use. These cookies are permanently stored on the user's device.

The manager's website technically stores information (IP address, date, time, etc.) on your consent

the websites used to create cookies on your device, and information (IP address, date, time, etc.) when

you are revoking your consent to the creation of homepage cookies on your device.

The manager uses cookies to improve the experience of websites and homepages:

 ensure the functionality of the website;

 customize the functionality of the website for the user's usage habits, including language

requests, the content reviewed above;

 user authentication;

Unless otherwise specified, cookies are stored while the activity for which they were collected is performed,

and then they are deleted. No cookie information is transferred for processing outside the European Union and


Visiting the Manager's home page displays a window to the user indicating that the web site is present

cookies used. By closing this message window, the user confirms that they have read the information about

cookies, their use, their transfer to third parties,

and agree with them. Accordingly, the legal basis for the use of cookies is the user's consent.

Cookie settings can be restricted in the security settings of any web browser and

deletion. However, it should be borne in mind that the use of mandatory and functional cookies cannot be waived, since without

it is impossible for them to ensure the full use of the site and website. For the best user

experience and full functionality of the website we recommend that you save cookies.

If you have any questions about the use of cookies, please contact

Links to third party websites that have their own may be placed on the manager's website

terms of use and personal data protection for which the Manager is not responsible. The manager has

the right to make additions to the Policy by making the updated version available to the Client by placing it on the Controller